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Party Marquee - A Beautiful 60th Birthday

Linda wanted a beautiful party marquee to celebrate her 60th birthday in style. So we advised that a traditional party marquee, decorated with some of our chandeliers, complete with a wooden floor for all the dancing that would be going on until the early hours, was the way to go.

She chose our elegant chairs and some of our smaller sized tables in order to create a friendly, cosy space and make sure her friends could talk to each other easily over dinner. The finished Marquee looked elegant and gave Linda the perfect venue to hold a wonderful party.

My mum's 60th was a huge success - the party marquee was stunning, and was a wonderful way of making sure she could celebrate her birthday in her garden with all her friends and family around her. Jamie and the team were a delight to work with - dedicated from start to finish!

Clare Peck

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