Marquee hire style

Clear Roof Marquees

A clear roof marquee is a modern yet naturally elegant marquee style.

Perfectly suited to take advantage of the views around the marquee, a beautiful blue sky on a summer’s day followed by the stars at night.

Clear Roof Marquees Hire

These can be clear all the way through or just a certain part. A popular look is clear roofs over a large circular bar and reception area with a white pvc lined roof over a dance floor , providing a perfect daytime/night time split. The clear gable triangles and panoramic windows allow the clear theme to run throughout the whole marquee, and with the windows being easily rolled up the marquee quickly feels like you are sitting in the garden itself.




What is a clearspan marquee?

A clearspan marquee is a marquee with totally clear roofs and wiIndows.

Why use a clear roof marquee?

It allows you to make the most out of your surroundings whilst still being indoors.
Visit our case studies to see what they look like.

How much does it cost to hire a marquee?

It is similar to a normal marquee but can be a little more due to the extensive cleaning involved in keeping the clear roofs clear.

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