Film, Studio and Location Services

Film and Studio

Being based within a few miles of Cardington Hangers we are no stranger to providing Structures for Location Support, Dressing Rooms, Green Rooms, Filming Areas and any other aspect of Film Production.

Location Services

We offer a large variety of Structures as well as internal options. Temporary divisions for Dressing Rooms, Offices, Green Rooms....e.t.c Power, Lighting, Toilets and much more. If you need it we can provide it.

Power and Distribution​

Every structure can be fully powered to suit every part of a productions needs. From Lighting to individual sockets for artists phone charges – we have you covered and it is all very straight forward.

Green Rooms and Dressing Rooms​

Time scales are often an issue and we thrive on a deadline. Having a large stock base and vast experience in this field we believe we are the number one firm in the UK for meeting your needs and keeping to a time frame.

Each Dressing room can be designed to meet individual artists needs. Artists have very different requirements which can be crucial to performance and we thrive on meeting these needs.

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